New Tanks Sighted! Edelweiss & Nameless

Tank Commanders,

How will tanks from the fiction world measure up against historical tanks from the real world? Now’s our chance to find out! The World of Tanks Blitz collaboration with Valkyria Chronicles will introduce 2 new tanks into the game—Edelweiss and Nameless.

Find out more about the new vehicles below!


About Edelweiss


The Edelweiss tank was the hero of the popular Sega title, “Valkyria Chronicles,” and was commanded by the story's lead character, Welkin Gunther, commander of Squad 7 of the Gallian Militia's 3rd regiment. Although still a prototype, the tank proved formidable in combat thanks to a revolutionary design incorporating many innovations which helped it achieve great success on the battlefield. 

In-game Performance

In World of Tanks Blitz, the Tier VII Edelweiss strikes a fine balance between offence and defence, similar in many ways to the German medium tank, the Panther. When comparing armour ratings, the Edelweiss sports 90 mm of frontal armor, but only 40 mm on the sides and back; very similar to the 85/50/40 of the Panther. This is a tank built for mobility; sacrificing protection to ensure it can attack from favourable situations or while on the move. 

When it comes to firepower, the Edelweiss stands out a little compared to the Panther. With average firing rate and penetration characteristics, it can boast with a decent damage.

In regards to its mobility, the Edelweiss has 850hp in a 38 ton chassis but the top speed slightly falls short of the Panther’s at 53kph. On paper, this tank seems to be built for quick dashes, allowing aggressive players to hit the enemy hard and press the attack, and even mixing with heavies in a pinch. 

About Nameless


The Nameless tank appeared in the popular Sega title “Valkyria Chronicles,” as the primary assault vehicle for Squad 422, a unit of the regular Gallian army. This unit was known to be composed of deserters and other criminals whose real names had been erased from official records and were instead referred to by numbers. The Nameless was commanded by a Darcsen known as Number 6, although his real name was Gusurg. 

In-game Performance

The Nameless is a Tier VII heavy tank with armour rated at 150 mm / 80 mm and 40 mm in the front, side and back plates respectively. When compared to the Tiger I, a heavy tank classed in the same Tier, it shows an overemphasis on frontal armour. In fact, the Nameless plays a lot like the Tier VIII Tiger II; being very tough to attack from the front. However, special care needs to be taken with the turret, as it only rates at 120 mm. The rear armour is also a glaring weakness for a heavy tank, meaning even lower tier tanks can easily penetrate if they can get behind you. This tank is at its best when in offensive but its relative lack of durability means damage exchange may prove to be a risky strategy. 

With an engine rated at 750hp, the Nameless overpowers the Tiger I. However, with its weight of more than 62 tons, it can only reach a top speed of 32kph. Since it has limited ground-covering capability when engaging enemies, careful coordination with allies is required to get the best out of this tank. However, your teammates will definitely appreciate your ability to consistently penetrate and damage the enemy, as the Nameless packs a serious punch with average damage anywhere up to 90 damage higher per round compared to the Tiger I.