[Specials] Crew on Track

Tank Commanders,

Be good to your crew and they will take care of you and your tank in battle. To appreciate their hard work, why not take them out over the weekend and gain twice the amount of Crew EXP in battle? It will make crew training so much easier.

Stock up on slots too if you need them, they're going on discounts.

There's also a little something on the to-do list that someone posted. We need to deal at least 350 damage in 10 battles. Those who succeed will receive a reward of 30 000!


 Event Start: 09 September, 2016 (Friday) @ 13:50 UTC+8 (05:50 UTC)

Event End: 12 September, 2016 (Monday) @ 13:50 UTC+8 (05:50 UTC)

 Increased Crew EXP
 Purchase 5 Garage Slots for 750 (was 1,000)
 Purchase 10 Garage Slots for 1,260 (was 1,800)

Objective 1


  • Limited to once per account
  • Battle in Random or Supremacy mode
  • Must use Tier IV-X vehicles
  • Play at 10 battles and deal at least 350 damage in each battle


  • 30,000