Special: Hardened Veteran

Tank Commanders,

Allies who know what to do in battle are priceless. They give guidance to the lost and turn the team into a truly formidable force. That is the power of a hardened veteran.

There's only one way to become a veteran... And that is to gain more experience. Use the first EXP boost happening over this weekend to make the most of it!


Event Start: 30 September, 2016 (Friday) @ 19:00 UTC+8 (11:00 UTC)

Event End: 03 October, 2016 (Monday) @ 19:00 UTC+8 (11:00 UTC)

 EXP for all First Victories

Event Start: 30 September, 2016 (Friday) @ 13:50 UTC+8 (05:50 UTC)

Event End: 03 October, 2016 (Monday) @ 13:50 UTC+8 (05:50 UTC)

 Enjoy 20% discounts on all provisions
 Purchase 3 Days Premium time for 520 (was 650)
 Purchase 7 Days Premium time for 875 (was 1,250)