[Specials] No Pain, No Gain

Tank Commanders,

Watch and learn. Observe the pros you know. They either got to where they were out of sheer passion, hard work, or a combination of both. The power they wield in battle is the reward of their efforts. It can be yours too. Training is painful, but gainful.

Send your crew for some training to increase your survival and win rates during harsh battles!


Event Start: 22 July, 2016 (Friday) @ 13:50 UTC+8 (05:50 UTC)

Event End: 25 July, 2016 (Monday) @ 13:50 UTC+8 (05:50 UTC)

 Enjoy 10% discounts on Credits for 75% Crew Mastery Training
 Enjoy 30% discounts on Gold for 100% Crew Mastery Training
 Enjoy 30% discounts on Crew Skill Reset
 Purchase 3 Days Premium time for 520 (was 650)
 Purchase 7 Days Premium time for 875 (was 1,250)

Objective: 20,000


  • 5 times per day
  • Win a battle
  • Must use Tier IV-X vehicles
  • Be in Top 5 by Damage


  • 20,000