[Weekly Bundle] AC 1 Sentinel Bundle

Tank Commanders,

The Sentinel's back in the Shop! If you missed the previous bundle deal, this is a good opportunity to add the Australian tank to your garage. 

As a Tier 4 Medium, the Sentinel is fast on its tracks and has a high rate of fire. But before you go running into the heat of battle, it's best to start looking for good hiding spots to snipe from. When it comes to Sentinel strategy, keep your standards high, and your sniping spots higher. A good vantage point can make a big difference to the quality of your victory.


Event Start: 23 March, 2016 (Wednesday) @ 18:00 UTC+8 (10:00 UTC)

Event End: 01 April, 2016 (Friday) @ 17:00 UTC+8 (09:00 UTC) 

AC 1 Sentinel Bundle

Package contains:

 AC 1 Sentinel
 1 Garage Slot
 7 Days Premium time


Price: 11.99 USD