Weekly Bundle: TOG II

Tank Commanders,

During times of war, tanks often accompany infantry to protect them from enemy fire. When it gets to tank vs tank battles in World of Tanks Blitz, it is the job of heavy tanks like the TOG II to protect medium and light tanks. With its high HP and armour, not many tanks on the field can take it down easily.

If you're a fan of the TOG II, have a look at a special comic about what the mighty TOG II does when it isn't in battle.

Have no fear when TOG II is here!




03 - 17 April: TOG II

Event Start: 03 April, 2015 (Friday) @ 18:00 UTC+8 (10:00 UTC)

Event End: 17 April, 2015 (Friday) @ 17:00 UTC+8 (09:00 UTC) 

Package contains:

Garage Slot
1 Day Premium time


1 Day Premium time

Price: 12.99 USD