Weekly Specials: Time to Stock Up!

Tank Commanders,

Your tanks and crew can't run on empty forever. Give them something to tide through a tough battle or two. That's what Provisions are for. Enjoy the discounts below!


Event Start: 20 April, 2016 (Wednesday) @ 13:50 UTC+8 (05:50 UTC)

Event End: 27 April, 2016 (Wednesday) @ 13:50 UTC+8 (05:50 UTC)

 Enjoy 20% discounts on the following Provisions:
  • Standard Fuel
  • Improved Fuel
  • Protective Kit
  • Chocolate Bar, Can of Cola, Black Tea, White Rice, Standard Combat Rations
  • Case of Cola, Extra Combat Rations, Chocolate, Pudding and Tea, Onigiri