It's Time For The Asia Blitz Twister Playoffs!

The battles waged this past weekend have been some of the fiercest the Blitz arena has ever seen. Now it's time for the best of these ferocious fighters to duke it out for the honour of representing Asia at next month's Blitz Twister Cup in New York.

9th October 2016
18:30 UTC +8


Discover the Asia Blitz Twister Playoffs Teams

Which of these teams do you think will prove worthy to stand as our champion? Catch the live stream on 9th October 2016 with your friendly community host Bushka and find out!

Meet Bushka!

G'day humans!

My name is Bushka, a full-time tanker with a fast-growing YouTube channel and a lust for tanking! I live in Manly, a pretty happening joint on the Australian Coastline with Mrs. Bushka & my two boys: Little Bushka, and his big brother, dramatically-less-little Bushka.

I produce content related to Blitz in a fairly consistent manner, dropping a video every day bar Sunday (up over 350 now), and have recently begun the Bushka On Blitz Podcast with my good mate Snake to help those amongst us who struggle to get to sleep at night.

Other than that, I write music, play in a band, play games, read books, talk to Blitz humans, and sleep. My wife thinks it's some cosmic joke that I'm living the dream of most small children, and it's entirely possible that not growing up is what led me here in the first place. It's a great life, and I'm happy to be the one living it.